A.   Standards
      1.   MS&R
      A with on a designated on the shall be designed with sufficient width and depth so that motor vehicles can enter or leave the without backing out onto the MS&R .
      2.    Width at
      If a has , the width at the shall be of a size sufficient for the purposes of locating motor vehicle and pedestrian access as required by the or Technical Standards Manual.
      3.   Uncombining that Result in Nonconforming Prohibited
       that have been combined in the past, either through the Pima County Assessors Office or by , may not be split back into the original platted if the original do not meet current requirements for minimum . Any rights to a nonconforming were given up at the time the were combined. by themselves do not establish the right to construct.
   B.   Exceptions
   The following are exempt from the minimum standards of this article:
      1.    that are:
         a.   Exclusively and permanently restricted by , deed, or covenant for private use, such as, but not limited to, common areas for parking, recreation, , drainage, or detention or retention of stormwater; or,
         b.    to the public for parks, , or other similar public purposes, such as placement of well , electrical substations, or other .
      2.   An existing that is less than the minimum area required by the applicable because of a act or condemnation or voluntary transfer of property in lieu of condemnation may be developed if the proposed on the conforms to all other requirements of the ; or,
      3.   A which is less than the minimum area required by the applicable may be developed with a single- dwelling when all of the following apply:
         a.   The was existing and of record on September 20, 1948, or was legally created under Pima County jurisdiction and of record at the time of annexation;
         b.   The is zoned for residential ; and,
         c.   The proposed on the conforms to all other standards of this article.