A.   Title
   A set of maps depicting all zoning boundaries within the City of Tucson is established and entitled “City of Tucson .”
   B.   Purpose
   The is divided into , and the establishment of the is for the purpose of graphically indicating the locations of all zoning boundaries within the corporate limits of the , and facilitating the application of the on each individual piece of property.
   C.   Applicability
   The City of Tucson , as part of the , depict the regulations applicable on each individual property within the limits by identifying the zoning classification that applies on each property. Maps are added to the set upon the adoption of original zoning for land annexed into the .
   D.   Determination of Zoning Boundaries
   Zoning boundary lines are intended to follow to the of , alleys, railroad , or extensions of such , except where referenced to a line or other designated line. (See Figure 1.4-1.)
Figure 1.4-1: Determination of Zoning Boundaries
   E.   Zoning Boundaries Dividing a
   On any that was under single ownership and of record on September 20, 1948, and divided by a zoning boundary into two or more separate zoning categories, the permitted uses and allowed in one may encroach 25 feet into the other if such is more restrictive and the encroaching use is not permitted in the more restrictive . (See Figure 1.4-2.)
Figure 1.4-2: Zoning Boundaries Dividing a
   F.   Zoning Boundary Conflict
   If any question arises concerning the location of a zoning boundary, the Zoning Administrator renders a final decision and determination on the matter in with Section 1.5.1, Determination by the Zoning Administrator.
   G.   Zoning of
   Zoning is applicable on all property, except   . Use of   for other than public purposes requires approval by the Zoning Administrator and the Department of Transportation. The Zoning Administrator may allow, within the , only those uses or that are permitted on the property immediately the .