No person shall install or maintain any sign in the City and in the zones listed, except as herein provided. Signs not allowed in the following sections are specifically prohibited: (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)
   A.   Residential Zones: In the residential R-1-12, R-1-15, R-1-20, RM-1 and RM-2 Zones: (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012; amd. 2014 Code)
      1.   Nameplates: One lighted or unlighted nameplate identifying the occupancy of the premises of maximum area of two (2) square feet. Such signs shall not advertise a home occupation.
      2.   Property Signs: No more than one property sign advertising the intent to sell, rent or build to suit shall be permitted. Property signs may also be modified to indicate that the property has been sold or let; provided, that the total area for any one sign does not exceed six (6) square feet and is no more than four feet (4') in height.
      3.   Civic Sign: One civic sign not to exceed twenty (20) square feet in sign area.
      4.   Residential Monument Signs: Two (2) monument type subdivision identification signs will be allowed in a residential or other subdivision; provided, that these signs:
         a.   Are located a minimum of ten feet (10') from front property lines.
         b.   Are limited to sixty five (65) square feet in area for each sign.
         c.   Have no visible source of illumination.
         d.   Are limited to six feet (6') in height.
      5.   Promotional Signs For Residential Developments: The signs permitted under this subsection shall be temporary in all cases and shall be removed when all lots have been sold by the original developer. The signs permitted in this subsection may be placed on other land belonging to the same owner, providing the subdivision or planned development being advertised and both properties involved are different phases of the same overall development. Any sign permitted by this subsection may be illuminated or may be lighted if the source of lighting is not visible.
      6.   Multi-Family Residential Complex Signs: For property zoned multiple-family, one residential sign not to exceed eight (8) square feet for name and address of a multiple-family residential building. Each multi-family complex owner may apply for a permit to place a monument type sign on the complex that identifies only the name and address of the complex. The size of the base shall be no larger than eighteen (18) square feet and a height not to exceed two feet (2'). The sign portion of the monument shall not exceed ten (10) square feet, with the top of the sign no more than four feet (4') above the ground. The sign shall contain only the name and address of the housing complex. The sign shall blend with the natural surroundings of the area. If landscaping is planned around this sign, the application will include details for the landscaping. The complex may have one residential identification sign, no greater than two (2) square feet, that is placed on the building and identifies the occupants of the building.
         a.   Real Estate Sign: One real estate sign.
         b.   Development Sign: One "development sign" shall be permitted, as defined in section 10-22-3 of this chapter. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)
      7.   Nightly Rentals: A nightly rental established under section 10-17-3 of this title may have a sign not to exceed more than four (4) square feet: a) attached to the building and not extending above the roofline; or b) incorporated into the landscaping design or planter box, so long as such sign is a minimum of six feet (6') from the public right-of-way and not more than four feet (4') in height. (Ord. 2018.06, 10-11-2018)
      8.   Historic District 1 : Freestanding signs shall be permitted within the area designated as "historic district" under the following conditions:
         a.   Freestanding signs may not exceed twelve (12) square feet in area or four feet (4') in height.
         b.   Freestanding signs shall be located a minimum of six feet (6') from the public right-of-way.
         c.   Freestanding signs shall be incorporated into a landscaping design or planter box. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)
   B.   Agricultural, Multiple Use, Planned Commercial, Commercial And Manufacturing Zones: In the Agricultural (A), Multiple Use (MU-20), Planned Commercial (PC), Commercial and Manufacturing (N-C, H-C, BMP and M-1) Zones:
      1.   Abutting Residential Zone: When located on property abutting a residential zone, signs shall conform to residential requirements with respect to lighting.
      2.   Individual Business: Each duly licensed business on a separate property shall be allowed one primary sign and one secondary sign. The secondary sign shall have a maximum sign area of the lesser of twenty (20) square feet or one square foot for every two (2) linear feet of building frontage. The primary sign may be freestanding or wall mounted. If the primary sign is wall mounted, the secondary sign shall be either freestanding or located on building frontage other than that upon which the primary sign is located. If the primary sign is freestanding, the secondary sign shall be wall mounted.
      3.   Building Mounted Signs: Signs mounted on the building shall be integrated into the building and designed so that the architectural features and expressions of the building are not obscured. Signs mounted to the building include, among others, wall signs, roof signs, awning signs, projecting signs and suspended signs. All except wall signs shall be prohibited unless the applicant can demonstrate that either no feasible alternative is available for nonconforming building or structure, or such signs clearly further the purposes of this chapter. A building mounted sign shall:
         a.   Have a maximum area of the lesser of forty (40) square feet or one square foot for each linear foot of building frontage upon which the sign is located;
         b.   Not extend beyond the roofline, nor extend more than a maximum of fifteen feet (15') in height;
         c.   In the case of a wall mounted sign, be permanently attached or painted and shall not extend more than twelve inches (12") from said wall;
         d.   In the case of a projecting sign, not extend from the building face a distance greater than six feet (6'), and no projecting sign shall extend over public property a distance greater than twelve inches (12");
         e.   In the case of projecting signs, awning signs or suspended signs, maintain a minimum of eight foot (8') clearance between the lowest point of the sign and the grade immediately below;
         f.   In the instance of a building set back from the road by more than one hundred feet (100'), the Planning Commission may allow installation of a wall mounted sign up to but not exceeding five percent (5%) of the total area of the wall on which it will be mounted.
      4.   Freestanding Signs: A freestanding sign and the corresponding support structures shall be designed to complement the building architecture and the surrounding areas and shall:
         a.   Not exceed twelve feet (12') in height nor forty (40) square feet in area;
         b.   The base of the freestanding sign shall be incorporated into a landscaping design or planter box;
         c.   No portion of the sign shall be located closer than three feet (3') from any public right-of-way and said sign shall be no closer than twenty five feet (25') from adjoining commercial properties.
      5.   Entrance Or Exit Signs: In addition to the other signs allowed hereunder, one entrance or exit sign may be permitted at each driveway entering or leaving the premises of a business on a separate property. Such signs shall not exceed three (3) square feet in area nor be more than six feet (6') in height from the ground.
      6.   Property Signs: No more than two (2) signs offering the premises for sale, lease or inspection by the public may be permitted; provided, that the total area of each sign does not exceed twenty four (24) square feet. Said signs may be modified to indicate that the property has been sold or leased. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)
      7.   Off Premises Signs: For businesses without frontage on SR-17, including nightly rentals without frontage on SR-17, one freestanding directional sign may be permitted at the closest intersection with SR-17, providing such sign shall:
         a.   Not exceed eight (8) square feet in area nor four feet (4') in height;
         b.   Be located entirely on private property with the permission of the property owner;
         c.   Not be located nearer than three feet (3') of any public rights-of-way; and
         d.   In no way interfere with traffic visibility triangles. (Ord. 2018.06, 10-11-2018)
      8.   Marquee Or Reader Boards: Theaters are allowed one marquee or reader board. The marquee may be incorporated as part of the primary sign or take the place of a secondary sign. If incorporated as part of the primary sign, the Planning Commission may choose to allow an increase in the maximum sign area up to fifty percent (50%).
      9.   Tertiary Signs: Restaurants and hotels/motels may display tertiary special features signs. Only one such sign may be displayed at any given time. Tertiary signs shall have a maximum area of two (2) square feet. Tertiary signs may be wall mounted or attached to a freestanding sign, providing the tertiary sign shall be no closer than three feet (3') to any public right-of-way. Transient lodging facilities may display one tertiary "vacancy/no vacancy" sign.
      10.   Banners: Temporary use of banners for certain commercial and community events may be approved as provided herein. In order to secure permit approval, all banners shall comply with the standards and regulations provided herein and these standards and regulations shall be considered minimum requirements in reviewing all applications for banner permits. All banners must be constructed of strong cloth or vinyl material and satisfy the color standards provided in this chapter. Banners may be displayed for a maximum period of seventeen (17) days.
         a.   Commercial Banners: The following standards and regulations shall also apply to commercial banners:
            (1)   Commercial banners may be used to announce a special event, such as grand openings, special holiday sales, etc.
            (2)   Commercial banners shall not exceed twenty (20) square feet in area. Banners shall be maintained flat against a building wall or fence within the subject property.
            (3)   No more than one banner per business shall be displayed at any one time.
            (4)   Banners may be displayed for a maximum period of seventeen (17) days and each business will be permitted a maximum of four (4) banners per year. Banners must be removed within twenty four (24) hours of the event conclusion.
         b.   Community Event Banners: The following standards and regulations shall also apply to community event banners:
            (1)   Community event banners are available to civic organizations to announce community events and activities, such as festivals, parades, concerts, art/crafts fairs, etc.
            (2)   A civic organization may utilize a standard banner, which shall not exceed twenty (20) square feet in area, in combination with a cross street banner. A cross street banner is only allowed for community events sponsored by a civic organization, but the banner may include acknowledgment of a commercial sponsor of the banner and the event. If a cross street banner is not available or used, two (2) standard banners may be approved.
Cross street banners shall be between two feet (2') and four feet (4') in height and twenty feet (20') to forty feet (40') in width. Such banners shall be displayed at one location on SR 17 selected by the City, in its discretion. Cross street banners must have sufficient air flaps to help relieve wind pressure and should be constructed with sleeves for wire supports and corner grommets to secure each corner. Any application for the display of a cross street banner on SR 17 must first be approved by the State Department of Transportation. Only one cross street banner will be approved for each calendar month, a maximum of twelve (12) cross street banner approvals each calendar year, unless approved by City staff.
            (3)   There will be no fee charged for approval of a standard banner application, but there shall be a fee for applications for cross street banners, as determined by the City. Applicants for cross street banners will be responsible for the cost of hanging and removing such banners.
            (4)   Standard banners must be mounted flat against a wall or a fence.
      11.   Facility Signs: Signs identifying churches, schools, public utilities, buildings and facilities, public owned and operated properties, hospitals, homes for the aged, nursing homes, convalescent homes, private clubs, fraternal organizations and roadside stands are subject to the following:
         a.   Such signs shall not exceed twenty four (24) square feet in area and shall contain no advertising copy. Such signs shall be located on the property to which it pertains and the number shall be limited to one.
         b.   There may be two (2) signs per entrance to said facility or if only one sign is requested, the sign may be double faced. Signs must be located on the property to which it pertains. It may be a freestanding, wall or monument type sign and shall meet the specification for the type of sign as described in this chapter.
      12.   On Premises Signs: On premises signs are specifically allowed in the agricultural and multiple use district. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)



1. See also section 10-15A-8 of this title.