The following words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
A-FRAME SIGN: A temporary or movable sign constructed with two (2) sides attached at the top so as to allow the sign to stand in an upright position.
ABANDONED SIGN: A sign which: a) identifies a discontinued use on the property; or b) has not been maintained for a period of sixty (60) days, where conduct on the part of the sign owner or the person having control of the sign indicates an intention to relinquish ownership or title to the sign.
ALTERATION: A change or rearrangement in the structural part or design of a sign in any manner, including changing area or height, changing display of sign and relocating or changing position. Alterations shall not be interpreted to include changing outdoor copy in signs which are designed to accommodate changeable copy.
ANIMATED SIGN: A sign which involves motion or rotation of any part created by artificial means, or which displays flashing, revolving or intermittent lights, or any other means not providing constant illumination or intensity of illumination, including changeable signs. This shall not include signal lights and other public safety signs maintained by government authority.
AWNING SIGN: A sign which is a structure made of cloth, metal or other material affixed to a building in such a manner that the structure may be raised or retracted to a position against the building.
BALLOON SIGN: An advertisement supported by a balloon anchored to the premises where the advertised use is conducted, product or commodity sold, service performed, or business name is located.
BANNER: A flexible sign characteristically supported by two (2) or more points and hung on a building or otherwise suspended down or along its face, or across a public street. The banner may or may not include copy or graphic symbols. It is generally made of fabric or other nonrigid materials with no enclosing frame.
BILLBOARD: Any freestanding sign larger than forty (40) square feet.
BULLETIN BOARD: A sign on premises which accommodates changeable copy and displays information on activities and events.
CANOPY SIGN: A sign which is a structure made of cloth, metal or other material with frames affixed to the building and carried by a frame which is supported by the ground. A canopy sign shall be considered an awning sign for purposes of these regulations.
CHANGEABLE SIGN OR CHANGEABLE COPY SIGN: A sign on which copy is changed either manually in the field; e.g., reader boards with changeable letters, or automatically on a lampbank through mechanical means; e.g., electrical or electronic time and temperature units.
CIVIC SIGN: A sign erected by a public or nonprofit agency, service club, etc., for civic or public information.
DEVELOPMENT SIGN: An on premises temporary sign identifying a construction project or subdivision development. The sign may contain the name of the project, name and address of the construction firm, architect and developer. Development signs shall not exceed twelve feet (12') in height and not contain more than thirty two (32) square feet. Projects with more than ten (10) dwelling units may have an additional two (2) square feet of sign area per unit, up to a maximum of one hundred (100) square feet.
DILAPIDATED: A sign where: a) the lettering or background material or any part of the sign has flaked, broken off or changed color; b) structural supports or frame members are visibly corroded, stained, bent, broken or dented; or c) sign supports are twisted, leaning or at angles other than those at which the sign was originally erected.
FREESTANDING SIGN: A sign supported upon the ground by poles or braces and not attached to any building.
HEIGHT OF A SIGN: The vertical distance from the average adjacent ground level to the top of the sign, including the support structure and all design elements. The average ground level shall be determined from within an eight foot (8') radius of the base of the sign. The adjacent ground shall not be elevated for purposes of increasing allowable sign height.
ILLUMINATED SIGN: A sign in which a source of light is used in order to make the message readable. This definition shall include internally and externally lighted signs. All illuminated signs must comply with chapter 24 of this title.
MARQUEE SIGN: A sign built on a permanent rooflike structure or canopy of rigid materials supported by and extending from the facade of a building.
MONUMENT SIGN: A sign less than six feet (6') in height which is flush to the ground, is incorporated into the landscape or architectural design or scheme, and displays the name of buildings or occupants only.
NAMEPLATE SIGN: A sign indicating the name and/or occupation of a person legally occupying the premises.
NONCONFORMING SIGN OR SIGN STRUCTURE: A sign or sign structure, or portion thereof, lawfully existing at the time of its construction, which does not conform to all height, area, yard, spacing, animation, lighting or other regulations prescribed in the zone in which it is located.
OFF PREMISES SIGN: An advertising sign which directs attention to a use, product, commodity or service not related to the premises on which the sign is located.
ON PREMISES SIGN: A sign directing attention to a use conducted, product or commodity sold, service performed or business name upon the premises on which it is located.
POLITICAL SIGN: A sign intended to draw attention to or communicate a position on an issue, candidate or measure in any national, state or local election.
PROJECTING SIGN: A sign which is affixed to an exterior wall or building or structure and which projects more than eighteen inches (18") from the building or structure wall, and which does not extend more than three feet (3') above the parapet, eaves or building facade of the building upon which it is placed.
PROPERTY SIGN: A sign related to the property upon which it is located and offering such information as sale or lease of the property, warning against trespassing, any hazard, or other danger on the property.
REAL ESTATE SIGN: One sign on any lot or parcel of real property, provided such sign is located entirely within the property to which the sign applies is not directly illuminated, does not exceed eight (8) square feet in area, and is removed within seven (7) days after the sale, rental or lease has been accomplished.
REFLECTIVE SIGN: A sign whose surface material reflects light so as to generate a contrast between the sign and adjacent surfaces or surrounding area.
ROOF SIGN: A sign which is erected partly or wholly on the roof of the building. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a sign structure having main supports embedded in the ground shall not be considered to be roof sign even if the supports pass through a roof, canopy or parapet of a building.
SERVICE SIGN: A sign not exceeding four (4) square feet in area that is incidental to a use lawfully occupying the property upon which the sign is located, and which sign is necessary to provide information to the public, such as direction to parking lots, location of restrooms, entrance and exits, etc. Such signs shall be located entirely on the property to which they pertain and shall not in any way advertise or otherwise mention a business.
SETBACK: The minimum distance that any portion of a sign or sign structure shall be from any street right of way line.
SIGN: A presentation or representation of words, letters, figures, designs, picture or colors, publicly displayed so as to give notice relative to a person, a business, an article of merchandise, a service, an assemblage, a solicitation, or a require for aid; also, the structure or framework or any natural object on which any sign is erected or is intended to be erected or exhibited or which is being used or is intended to be used for sign purposes.
SIGN AREA OR AREA: The number of square feet within the smallest shape within which the face of a sign can be enclosed. If the sign consists of more than one section or module, the sign area shall be the total area of all sections or modules. Only one side of a back to back or double faced sign shall be used in computing sign area when sign surfaces are parallel or diverge from a common edge by an angle of less than forty five degrees (45°). Sign area of signs in the shape of a sphere, prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid, square or other such shapes shall be computed as one-half (1/2) of the total surface area of such sign.
SIGN STRUCTURE: Anything constructed or erected supporting a sign which requires location on or below the ground or attached to something having location on or below the ground.
SNIPE: A sign which is attached, painted, printed or otherwise affixed to any curb, sidewalk, public utility pole, hydrant, bridge, bench, tree or other surface of public property, or over or across any street or public thoroughfare, except by a duly authorized public employee or as required or permitted by law.
SUSPENDED SIGNS: Signs which are anchored to a building and are free to hang from the structure to which it is attached.
TEMPORARY SIGN: Any sign, banner, pennant, valance or advertising display constructed of paper, cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed out of doors for a short period of time, generally not longer than one month as specified in the required sign permit.
WALL SIGN: A sign that is attached to, or painted on, and parallel to, a building or wall.
WINDOW SIGN: A sign permanently attached and located within a building so as to be visible through a window or door outside of the building. (Ord. 2012.04, 1-18-2012)