A.   Specified: Any owner or custodian of an animal causing a "nuisance", as defined below, shall be in violation of this chapter and subject to the penalties provided herein. An animal creates a "nuisance" if it:
      1.   Causes damage to the property of anyone other than its owner;
      2.   Is a vicious animal not in compliance with section 5-1-8 of this chapter;
      3.   Causes unreasonable fouling of the air by odors;
      4.   Causes continuous unsanitary conditions in enclosures or surroundings;
      5.   Makes disturbing noises in excessive, continuous or untimely fashion; persons making a complaint must sign the summons against the violator before the city will act;
      6.   Molests passersby;
      7.   Chases passing vehicles;
      8.   Attacks other domestic animals;
      9.   Is otherwise determined by the city to be a public nuisance by virtue of being offensive or dangerous to the public health, welfare or safety;
      10.   Any animals kept in violation of section 5-1-4 of this chapter.
   B.   Nuisance Birds: It shall be lawful for any person to take or kill birds deemed pests and that are legal to kill by statute of the state of Utah, including, but not limited to, starlings, sparrows, Eurasian collared doves, etc. (Ord. 2015.04, 6-11-2015)