(A)   Establishment.
      (1)   The city hereby establishes as rates, to be charged for sewer services furnished by the city's system, which the City Council finds and declares to be reasonable and necessary, to be charged to all users who contribute wastewater to the city treatment works. The proceeds of such charges so derived will be used for the purpose of operating, maintaining, improving or expanding, including replacement, the public wastewater collection and treatment works (the sewer system). (REPLACEMENT is defined as expenditures for obtaining and installing equipment, accessories or appurtenances during the useful life of the treatment works necessary to maintain the capacity and performance for which they were designed and constructed.)
      (2)   All sewer users shall be classified by the city as residential, commercial or industrial.
   (B)   Schedule of sewer rates. The following schedule of sewer rates to be applied to the water consumption of users as set forth in the article, Sewer Rate Schedule.
      (1)   Inside the city: the charges to each customer for sewage collection and treatment shall he determined each month and shall be the sum of a base and a usage charge based on the customer's metered water usage determined as set forth in this division and computed using the following schedule of rates. In addition to the monthly base charge, each customer will be billed for sewage treatment works usage based on the customer's water usage as set forth in this division, and the user charge shall be computed using the following schedule of rates for the following time period, After February 5, 2019:
         (a)   Base charge: $13.20.
         (b)   All water consumption per month or portion thereof, per 1,000 gallons: $8.79.
      (2)   Outside city:
         (a)   Base charge: $17.82.
         (b)   All water consumption per month, per 1,000 gallons: $11.87.
      (3)   Industrial user rate: *
         (a)   Base charge shall be the same amount as charged fox all other customers inside or outside the city.
* Industrial user is defined by metered sewer usage in excess of250,000 gallons per month.
         (b)   All sewer generated per month, per 1,000 gallons: $11.66 inside city; $15.39 outside the city.
   (C)   Tapping fees. All users of the sewer system shall be required to pay tapping fees prior to accessing the sewer system. The cost for a 4-inch service tap shall be $500. For any tap larger than 4 inches, the tapping fee shall be $1,000.
   (D)   Septic tank non-compliance fees. Commencing 30 business days after receiving written notice of a noncomplying individual sewage disposal system, the landowner shall be subject to a fine of not less than $5 nor more than $15 for each calendar day beyond said 30 business days that the system is in violation of the code.
   (E)   Excessive strength charges. For any user, when the BOD exceeds 250 mg/1, the suspended solids exceed 250 mg/1, or when other pollutant concentrations exceed the range of concentrations of these pollutants in normal domestic sewage, a surcharge shall be added to the basic charge, This surcharge shall be calculated by the following formula:
      Cs (Bc(B) + Sc(S) + Pc(P)) Vu
      Symbols and definitions:
         Cs = A surcharge for wastewaters of excessive strength
         Bc = O&M cost for treatment of a unit of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
         B = Concentration of BOD from a user above a base level
         Sc = O&M cost for treatment of a unit of suspended solids (SS)
         S = Concentration of SS from a user above a base level
         Pc = O&M cost for treatment of a unit of any pollutant
         P = Concentration of any pollutant from a user above a base level
         Vu = volume contribution from a user per unit of time
         * Maximum limit for average domestic waste.
   (F)   Charges for extraneous flows. The costs of operation and maintenance for all flows not directly attributable to users (such as infiltration/inflow) shall be distributed among users on the same basis as operation and maintenance charges.
   (G)   Toxic pollutants charges. Each user that discharges any toxic pollutants which cause an increase in the cost of managing the effluent or the sludge of the treatment works shall pay for such increased costs.
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