(A)   Before the completed improvements are approved or accepted by the village, the subdivider’s engineer shall furnish the village a completion certificate stating that the improvements comply with all the requirements of the approved engineering drawings and specifications and are free from all defects or deficiencies. The form of the engineer’s certificate is in the Appendix A.
   (B)   The developer’s engineer, who will certify the construction of the improvements, shall not have an ownership interest in the subdivision or be a regular employee of the subdivider.
   (C)   After completion of the project and prior to acceptance by the Board of Trustees, the subdivider’s engineer shall furnish the Village Engineer three complete sets of record drawings, with each sheet clearly marked as such and dated in the lower right-hand corner. These drawings shall indicate the final location of all improvements.
   (D)   The record drawings shall contain record data concerning the construction of all public facilities. Rim elevations, invert elevations, and gradients shall be provided for all sewers. The location and invert elevation of all sanitary sewer service lines shall be provided. The depth and location of all watermains and forcemains shall be provided. Valve boxes shall be located. Operation and maintenance manuals shall be provided for lift stations or other equipment. Pavement elevations and gradients shall be shown. Ground surface elevations along swales and within lots shall be provided. The locations of all buried utilities, installed by the contractor or the utility company (i.e. gas lines, buried telephone, electric, cable television, and the like), shall also be plotted and shown on the record drawings.
   (E)   Within approximately two weeks of receipt of the record drawings, engineer’s certificate of completion, and all supporting documentation, the Village Engineer shall submit a recommendation to the Board of Trustees concerning acceptance of the subdivision improvements.
      (1)   If the improvements are accepted, the construction performance bond shall be returned, and the one-year warranty period shall commence. The subdivider shall provide his or her maintenance bond at this time.
      (2)   If the improvements are conditionally accepted, the amount of the surety for the construction performance bond may be reduced to the value of the remaining improvements, and the contractor shall continue work towards completion of those improvements. For the portions of the work accepted, the subdivider shall provide a maintenance bond and the one-year warranty period for the accepted work shall commence.
      (3)   If the improvements are rejected, the Board of Trustees shall indicate the reasons for the rejection.
      (4)   Use of the improvements by the public or maintenance of the improvements by any public entity, including, but not limited to the village and the Township Road District, shall not constitute acceptance of any or all of the required improvements.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.9)