TITLE THREE - Utilities
         Chap. 925.    Sewer Definitions and Construction Standards.
         Chap. 927.    Sewer Connections and Use.
         Chap. 929.    Sewer Service Charges.
         Chap. 930.    Sewer Discharge Control.
         Chap. 931.    Special Sewer Provisions and Payments.
         Chap. 932.    Roadside Drainage Systems.
         Chap. 933.    Water Rates.
         Chap. 935.    Nonresident Water Service.
         Chap. 937.    Water Meters.
         Chap. 939.    Water Regulations.
         Chap. 941.    Storm Water Discharge Control.
         Chap. 943.    Storm Water Management Program.
         Chap. 945.    Management and Control of the Public Right of Way.
         Chap. 947.    Provision of Electric Energy.
         Chap. 949.     Toledo Public Power.
         A.    Sewer Use, Industrial Wastes and Surcharges.
         B.    (Reserved.)
         C.    Rules and Regulations.
         D.    Regulations Governing Refuse and Recycling Collection.