Sexually-Oriented Businesses
767.01   Definitions.
767.02   Classification.
767.03   Hours of operation.
767.04   Location of sexually-oriented businesses.
767.05   Specifications and requirements for motion picture arcade booths.
767.06   Specifications and requirements for sexually-oriented cabarets and lingerie modeling or photography studios.
767.07   Responsibilities of the operator.
767.08   Prohibitions and unlawful sexual acts.
767.09   Prohibition against children in a sexually-oriented business.
767.10   Existing businesses - compliance time limits.
767.11   Conflicting ordinances repealed.
767.12   Invalidity of part.
767.13   Human trafficking awareness.
767.99   Penalty.
   Obscenity and sex offenses - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 533