Ordinances and Resolutions
222.01   Passage procedure.
222.02   Style of ordinances.
222.03   Subject and amendment of  ordinances and resolutions.
222.04   Authentication and recording of ordinances and resolutions.
222.05   Publication of ordinances  and resolutions; proof of publication and circulation.
222.06   Notice for proposed amendments to the Municipal Charter.
222.07   Times of publication required.
222.08   Publication and certification of ordinances in book form.
222.09   Adoption of technical ordinances and codes.
222.10   Certificate of Clerk as to publication.
222.11   Publication when no newspaper published in Village.
222.12   Effect of not making publication.
222.13   Ordinances providing for appropriations or street improvements; emergency ordinances.
222.14   Ordinances and resolutions as evidence.
222.15   Guidelines for legislation preparation and placement on agenda.
   Publication where no newspaper printed - see Ohio R.C. 731.25
   Charter method of passage or publication - see Ohio R.C. 701.05
   Annexation - see Ohio R.C. 709.23 et seq.
   Improvements - see Ohio R.C. 727.09, 727.12, 727.23
   Assessments - see Ohio R.C. 727.25 et seq., 729.09, 729.11
   Declaratory judgments - see Ohio R.C. 2721.03
   Initiated ordinances - see ADM. 224.01 et seq.
   Referendums - see ADM. 224.02 et seq.