Initiative and Referendum
224.01   Initiative petitions.
224.02   Referendum petitions.
224.03   More than one ordinance required; application of chapter.
224.04   Presentation of petitions.
224.05   Copy of proposed ordinance or measure to be filed with Clerk-Treasurer.
224.06   Words to be printed in red.
224.07   Designation of committee filing petition; public inspection of petitions; ordinances passed or repealed prior to election.
224.08   Itemized statement by circulator of petition.
224.09   Prohibited practices relative to petitions.
224.10   Accepting premiums for signing.
224.11   Destruction of petitions during circulation. (Repealed)
224.12   Threats in securing signatures.
224.13   Application of Charter if Charter adopted.
   Initiative and referendum - see Ohio Const. Art. II, Sec. 1 et seq.; Ohio R.C. 3519.01 et seq. Transfer of powers to county - see Ohio Const. Art. X, Sec. 1
   Acquisition of public utility - see Ohio Const. Art. XVIII, Sec. 5
   Adoption of Charter - see Ohio Const. Art. XVIII, Secs. 7, 8, 9
   Application to various plans of government - see Ohio R.C. 705.91
   Charter municipalities may adopt own provisions as to - see Ohio R.C. 705.91 Recall of elective officer - see Ohio R.C. 705.91, 705.92