When ordinances are revised, codified, rearranged, published in book form and certified as correct by the Clerk of Council and the Mayor, such publication shall be a sufficient publication, and the ordinances so published, under appropriate titles, chapters and sections, shall be held the same in law as though they had been published in a newspaper. A new ordinance so published in book form, a summary of which has not been published as required by Sections 222.05 and 222.07 and which contains entirely new matter, shall be published as required by such sections. If such revision or codification is made by the Village and contains new matter, it shall be a sufficient publication of such codification, including the new matter, to publish, in the manner required by such sections, a notice of the enactment of such codifying ordinance, containing the title of the ordinance and a summary of the new matters covered by it. Such revision and codification may be made under appropriate titles, chapters and sections and in one ordinance containing one or more subjects.
   Except as provided by this section, a succinct summary of all ordinances, including emergency ordinances, shall be published in accordance with Section 222.05.
(ORC 731.23)