The Mayor, or his/her designee, law enforcement, or the fire chief shall each have independent authority to instantly revoke or suspend any permit issued under this article:
   A.   Upon a violation of the conditions imposed in the permit;
   B.   Upon violation of this article or any other provision of law;
   C.   When a public emergency arises where the municipal resources required for that emergency are so great that deployment of municipal personnel, equipment or services required for the permit would have an immediate and adverse effect upon the welfare and safety of persons or property.
   D.   Such revocation shall take effect immediately, and the Mayor, law enforcement, or fire chief shall promptly notify the permittee of revocation. After revocation, the permittee may not conduct the event, or if the event has commenced, shall immediately cause the event to be terminated in a safe, proper manner. (Ord. 382-2018, 9-11-2018; amd. Ord. 382-2018, 8-28-2018)