The following standards apply to the use, including the reserved use, of all parks and recreational facilities:
   A.   Reservation Priority: Unless reserved according to the park reservation procedure, established herein, the use of the park or portion thereof by the public shall be on a first-come, first-served basis.
   B.   Scope: Only parks and recreational facilities designated within the City of Three Forks' fee schedule resolution may be reserved for exclusive use.
   C.   Tents, canopies, inflatable structures: Approval must be granted by the Mayor for the use of, and prior to the assembly of, any tents, canopies, shade structures, inflatable toys, etc., within a park.
   D.   Public address or sound systems: Public address and/or sound systems may be used within parks with the approval of the Mayor. The sound system cannot be used for more than three consecutive hours in any park. The use of amplified sound shall be limited to the hours between 12:00 p.m. (noon) and 9:00 p.m.
   E.   Marking the grounds: Only water-based turf paint shall be used on any turf. Only chalk shall be used on impervious surfaces such as sidewalks and asphalt.
   F.   Park user group agreements: The Mayor may enter into agreements with various park user groups, with the fee for such agreements as established by the City Council.
      1.   Admission fees may be charged for events held in conjunction with a park user group agreement if approved by the Mayor and listed in the agreement.
      2.   Articles, food, beverages or service may be sold for events held in conjunction with a park user group agreement, if so noted in the agreement.
   G.   Parking: Parking spaces at a park or recreational facility are not reserved with a park reservation permit, and all parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Issuance of park reservation permit does not provide guarantee of parking to the permittee or invitees.
   H.   Portable toilet facilities: The Mayor may require a person holding a reservation permit to provide portable toilet facilities. The Mayor shall determine how many such facilities are needed and the timeframe in which they must be present. If the facilities are not removed within the timeframe established, the city may remove them and all costs associated with removal shall be charged to the applicant.
   I.   Litter removal: A person holding a reservation permit shall pick up and properly dispose of all types of litter within the recreational facility, buildings and/or grounds.
   J.   Additional rules: The Mayor and/or Council may establish additional rules governing the use of a park or recreational facility by the public or a person holding a reserved use permit. (Ord. 382-2018, 9-11-2018; amd. Ord. 382-2018, 8-28-2018)