Sec. 10-2.1021. Delivery of Notice.
   Any notice of violation or notice of imposition of administrative fines to be delivered pursuant to the requirements of this article shall be subject to the following:
   (a)   The notice shall state that the recipient has a right to appeal the matter as set forth in Section 10-2.1023;
   (b)   Delivery shall be deemed complete upon:
   (1)   Personal service to the recipient;
   (2)   Deposit in the U.S. mail, postage pre-paid for first class delivery; or
   (3)   Facsimile service with confirmation of receipt;
   (c)   If the recipient of notice is the owner, the address for notice shall be the address from the most recently issued equalized assessment roll for the property or as otherwise appears in the current records of the County; and
   (d)   If the owner or occupant of any private property cannot be located after the reasonable efforts of the Agency, the notice shall be deemed delivered ten (10) calendar days after posting on the property.
(Part 2, Ord. 1613-NS, eff. April 22, 2016)