*   Chapter 1 entitled “Sewage Disposal,” consisting of Article 1 entitled “Definitions,” Article 2 entitled “General Provisions,” Article 3 entitled “Connections to the Sewerage System,” Article 4 entitled “Use of the Sewerage System,” Article 5 entitled “Charges,” and Article 6 entitled “Severability,” codified from Ordinance No. 245 §§ 1108 and 1109 T.O.O.C. as added by Ordinance No. 250, and Ordinance Nos. 183-NS, 587-NS, 756-NS, and 791-NS, as amended by Ordinance Nos. 152-NS, 183-NS, 297-NS, 303-NS, 309-NS, 401-NS, 492-NS, 530-NS, 543-NS, 556-NS, 576-NS, 587-NS, 596-NS, 614-NS, 618-NS, 651-NS, 664-NS, 680-NS, 685-NS, 715-NS, 731-NS, 756-NS, 760-NS, and 791-NS, repealed by Ordinance No. 827-NS, effective February 24, 1983, as amended by Ordinance Nos. 947-NS, 1059-NS, 1091-NS, 1190-NS, 1437-NS. Subsequently repealed and replaced by Ord. 1515-NS, eff. June 5, 2009.