Sec. 10-2.1107.  Level 3 Water Conservation Measures.
   (a)   A Level 3 Water Supply Shortage condition is also referred to as an "Emergency" condition. A Level 3 condition exists when the City Council declares a critical water shortage emergency and notifies its residents and businesses that a significant reduction in consumer demand is necessary to maintain sufficient water supplies for public health and safety. Upon the declaration of a Level 3 Water Supply Shortage condition, the City will implement mandatory Level 3 conservation measures identified in this section.
   (b)   Additional Conservation Measures: In addition to the prohibited uses of water identified in Sections 10-2.1104, 10-2.1105, and 10-2.1106, the following water conservation requirements apply during a declared Level 3 Water Supply Shortage Emergency:
   (1)   No Watering or Irrigating: Watering or irrigating of lawn, landscape or other vegetated area with potable water is prohibited. This restriction does not apply to the following categories of use:
   (i)   Maintenance of trees and shrubs, that are watered using a hand-held bucket or similar container, hand-held hose equipped with a positive self-closing water shut-off nozzle or device;
   (ii)   Maintenance of existing landscape necessary for fire protection;
   (iii)   Maintenance of existing landscape for soil erosion control;
   (iv)   Maintenance of plant materials identified to be rare or essential to the well-being of protected species;
   (v)   Maintenance of landscape within active public parks and playing fields, day care centers, golf course greens, and school grounds, provided that such irrigation does not exceed two days per week in accordance with the time restrictions in Section 10.2-1104;
   (vi)   Actively irrigated environmental mitigation projects.
   (vii)   Maintenance of landscaping installed for the purpose of mitigating the effects of stormwater pollution.
   (2)   Obligation to Fix Leaks, Breaks or Malfunctions: All leaks, breaks, or other malfunctions in the water user's plumbing or distribution system must be repaired within twenty four (24) hours of notification by the City unless other arrangements are made with the City.
   (3)   No New Potable Water Service: Except for the resetting or turn-on of meters to provide continuation of water service or the restoration of service that has been interrupted for a period of one year or less, no new potable water service will be provided, no new temporary meters or permanent meters will be provided, and no statements of immediate ability to serve or provide potable water service (such as, will-serve letters, certificates, or letters of availability) will be issued, except under the following circumstances:
   (i)   A valid, unexpired building permit has been issued for the project; or
   (ii)   The project is necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare; or
   (iii)   The applicant provides substantial evidence of an enforceable commitment that water demands for the project will be offset prior to the provision of a new water meter(s) to the satisfaction of the City.
   (4)   Limits on Building Permits: The City will limit or withhold the issuance of building permits which require new or expanded water service, except to protect the public health, safety and welfare, or in cases which meet the City's adopted conservation offset requirements.
   (5)   Discontinue Service: The City may discontinue service to consumers who willfully violate provisions of this section.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)