Sec. 10-2.1107. Level 4 water supply shortage: water conservation measures.
   (a)   A Level 4 Water Supply Shortage shall exist when City Council determines that due to drought or other water supply conditions, a water supply shortage or threatened shortage exists which necessitates a consumer demand reduction between 31 and 40 percent. Upon the declaration by City Council of a Level 4 Water Supply Shortage condition, the City will implement mandatory Level 4 conservation measures identified in this section.
   (b)   Level 4 Conservation Measures: In addition to the permanent conservation requirements identified in Sec. 10-2.1104, the following water conservation requirements shall apply during a declared Level 4 Water Supply Shortage:
   (1)   Limits on Watering Days: Watering or irrigating landscape and vegetated areas with potable water is limited to one day per week, which day may be designated by City Council through resolution, with the following exceptions:
   (i)   Use of water in a community garden providing garden plots to the public, or to home fruit and vegetable gardens less than 300 square feet;
   (ii)   Use of reasonable amounts of water by commercial nurseries and commercial growers to sustain plants, trees, shrubs and other vegetation intended for commercial sale;
   (iii)   Hand-watering of trees and shrubs using a hand-held bucket or similar container, or hand-held hose equipped with a positive self-closing water shut-off nozzle or device, as necessary and sufficient to keep them alive.
   Extra irrigation day for specific uses: The following specific uses are permitted one additional day of watering per week:
   (iv)   Irrigation as necessary to sustain existing ground cover or other non-turf vegetation planted and essential to maintain slope stability on slopes of at least six (6) feet in height and exceeding 20 percent grade or by City Engineer’s and water purveyor’s approval;
   (v)   Irrigation of active playing fields, active recreation areas in public parks, licensed daycare centers and schools, golf course greens and fairways;
   (vi)   Irrigation of fuel modification zones as necessary to sustain vegetation required as part of original development conditions by the City;
   (vii)   Irrigation of landscaping installed to mitigate the effects of stormwater pollution as required to meet permit conditions.
   (2)   Irrigation system: The use of spray sprinklers for irrigating landscape and vegetated areas is prohibited. Only drip irrigation systems may be employed with the following exceptions:
   (i)   Bubblers may be used to irrigate trees and shrubs provided that there is no runoff;
   (ii)   Irrigation of active playing fields, active recreation areas in public parks, licensed daycare centers and schools, golf course greens and fairways;
   (iii)   Irrigation of existing ground cover or other non-turf vegetation in steep or inaccessible areas where installation of a drip irrigation system is impractical due to accessibility, steepness or density of existing vegetation;
   (iv)   Irrigation of existing non-turf, climate-appropriate ground cover where drip irrigation is unsuitable due to the density of existing vegetative cover provided that water efficient heads such as rotator stream nozzles are used;
   (v)   Irrigation of trees within existing CII turf areas where an existing sprinkler system is in place, spray heads serving turf are capped, and those spray heads irrigating trees are replaced with water efficient heads such as rotator stream nozzles;
   (vi)   Irrigation of CII non-turf landscaping where drip irrigation presents an unreasonable maintenance challenge due to excessive vandalism, destruction by wildlife, or breakage as a result of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
   (3)   Obligation to Fix Leaks, Breaks, or Malfunctions: Excessive use, loss, or release of water through breaks, leaks, or other malfunctions in the water user's plumbing, irrigation, or distribution system for any period of time after such release of water should have reasonably been discovered and corrected and, in no event more than 48 hours of receiving notice from the City, is prohibited
   (4)   No potable water use in Ornamental Lakes, Ponds, or Running-water Features: Running-water features using potable water must be turned off.
   Topping up, filling or re-filling of ornamental water features with potable water is prohibited, except to the extent needed to sustain aquatic life, provided that such animals are of significant value and have been actively managed within the water feature prior to the declaration of a Water Supply Shortage under this article. During the declared shortage, additional aquatic animals may not be added to the water feature.
   (5)   Limits on Washing Vehicles: Using potable water to wash or clean a vehicle, including but not limited to any automobile, truck, van, bus, motorcycle, or trailer, whether motorized or not, is prohibited for home, mobile, and community events. Only commercial car washes recycling their wash water may operate. An exception is allowed for incidental cleaning necessary for vehicle sale, repair or detailing work.
   (6)   Swimming Pools and Spas: Outdoor swimming pools and spas shall be covered when not in use to prevent water waste through evaporation. HOAs and CII entities must cover their pools and spas when the pool/spa is closed. Chemical pool “covers” are acceptable if documented and applied regularly per manufacturer instructions. Topping up with more than one and a half inches of potable water per week is prohibited. Draining and refilling pools and spas is prohibited except upon water purveyor approval for leak repair.
   (7)   Dust suppression: Dust suppression for fugitive dust that is subject to Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Rule 55 shall not employ potable water during the drought except via an approved waiver.
   (8)   Water Misters: Use of water misters is prohibited.
   (9)   Showering at gyms and athletic facilities: Showers shall be closed with a physical barrier and sign informing members that showering is prohibited unless the facility provides proof to the City that all showers are fitted with showerheads that do not exceed a flow rate of 1.8 gpm at 80 psi. Acceptable proof includes:
   (i)   Invoices or receipts from a licensed plumber or contractor documenting the installation of devices that meet the standard;
   (ii)   Inspection by city staff (fees may apply);
   (iii)   Permit data showing the facility was constructed or remodeled to the standards set forth in the 2019 Title 24, Part 11, California Green Building Standards Code.
   (c)   A stay on code enforcement actions against brown or dead lawns will be in effect for the duration of the Level 4 Water Supply Shortage, not exempting the requirements for the removal of vegetation presenting a fire hazard and weed removal.
   (d)   Re-landscaping of dead or brown lawns including those in HOA properties, and landscaping required under development permit conditions but delayed as a result of the drought, shall be granted a grace period of six months after the Level 4 Water Supply Shortage is declared over to install landscaping.
(§ 2, Ord. 1706-NS, eff. November 25, 2022)