Sec. 10-2.1011. Log of well.
   (a)   Licensed water well contractors who have performed any work for which a permit is required by this article and which work involves drilling, digging, excavating or boring of a well, except for an engineering test hole, shall, within 30 days of completion of such work, submit to the City an accurate and complete well completion report.
   (b)   For the purpose of obtaining sealing requirements from the City, geophysical well logs will be required as described in this article.
   (c)   Any permittee whose water well contractor fails to comply with this provision shall be in violation of this article and shall not be granted any new permits until the violation has been corrected. This shall not preclude the application of other penalties for violation of this article. A well log shall include, at a minimum, all of the following:
   (1)   A detailed record of the boundaries, character, size, distribution and color of all lithologic units penetrated.
   (2)   The type and size of well casing.
   (3)   The location of perforations, sealing zones and existing seals.
   (4)   Report on the quantity and quality of groundwater.
   (5)   Any other data required by the City or Director as a condition of the permit.
   (d)   Pursuant to Water Code Section 13752, well completion reports are confidential and not available to the public, but may be available to governmental agencies for use in making studies, or to any person who obtains a written authorization from the owner of the well. The City is not authorized to release well completion reports without written authorization from the California Department of Water Resources.
(Part 2, Ord. 1613-NS, eff. April 22, 2016)