Sec. 10-2.1003. Permit required.
   (a)   No person shall, within the incorporated area or boundaries of the City of Thousand Oaks, construct, repair, modify, or destroy any cathodic protection well which is over fifty (50') feet deep, any engineering test hole which is over fifty (50') feet deep, any monitoring well, or any water well unless such work is done pursuant to and in compliance with an unexpired written permit for such work issued by the City as provided in this article. Additionally, for any cathodic protection well or engineering test hole, if groundwater is encountered (or expected to be encountered) shallower than fifty (50') feet deep, a permit is required. A copy of the approved permit shall be made available for inspection on the job site during any work authorized by the permit.
   (b)   Types of Permits for Water Wells:
   (1)   Permits for construction, modification, replacement, and repair of all water wells.
   (2)   Permits for destruction of all wells, except engineering test holes which shall be destroyed immediately after completion of testing in compliance with Section 10.2-1013(e).
   (3)   Annual permits for one or more engineering test holes which are over fifty (50') feet deep and which are inspected by registered inspectors.
(Part 2, Ord. 1613-NS, eff. April 22, 2016)