Sec. 10-2.908. Liability for payment.
   (a)   Water bills are sent to the owner of the property served and he shall be responsible for payment. The current owner of a property shall be responsible for payment of all unpaid fees and charges not collected, or collectable, from the applicant, user or occupant on the parcel. If more than one occupant or tenant on a parcel of property is served, then the City shall render a single bill to the property owner. In the event of nonpayment, the property owner shall be liable for payment.
   (b)   Property owners and/or occupant may, if they wish, make special arrangements with the Finance Department for the purpose of sending the bill to the occupant of the property rather than to the property owner. In such a case, the occupant and property owner shall be liable for any nonpayment.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)