Sec. 10-2.715. Miscellaneous charges.
   The Public Works Department shall prepare and collect charges for work performed or damages incurred as follows where the charges shall be based upon the costs incurred including an amount for overhead by Council action.
   (a)   Charges to change the size of a meter or the location of the meter;
   (b)   Charges for water meter testing;
   (c)   Charges to replace a damaged meter box where the party responsible for the damage is known;
   (d)   Charges to replace meter box covers if requested by a customer or damaged by the customer;
   (e)   Charges for damage to fire hydrants or any other public water facilities where the responsible party is known. The damage can be either accidental or a result of tampering. The responsible party shall be charged for the costs of repairs plus the cost for any water lost or consumed. Unless the charges are paid within the specified time period, the City may discontinue water service to the customer and/or bring legal action for collection.
   (f)   Charges to a contractor with an encroachment permit when a water system shutdown occurs more than one time during the permit period through no fault of the City.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)