Sec. 10-2.705. Domestic use rates.
   The charges for water used through domestic meters including irrigation meters and Fire Department connections, shall include a fixed charge for a minimum or base rate plus a charge for the quantity of water used. In addition, those customers which require the water to be pumped to a higher pressure or service zone shall be charged a pumping lift rate. The component parts of the domestic use rates shall be determined as follows:
   (a)   Base or minimum rate. Shall be determined by Council action.
   (b)   Quantity Rate. Shall be in addition to the base or minimum rate and shall be a cost per one hundred (100) cubic feet of water as read on the meter for the billing period. The quantity rate shall be set by Council action.
   (c)   Adjustments to domestic use rates for wholesale cost of water and for energy charges. Adjustments in the cost to the City for these two expense categories will normally be considered as "pass-through" items. Adjustments, either in the form of an increase or a decrease in the domestic use rates, may be made at any time as set by Council action.
   (d)   Pumping lift charge. Customers in service zones requiring that the water be pumped (lifted) up to the zone shall be charged an amount per one hundred (100) cubic feet per lift wherein a lift corresponds to each time the water must be pumped by the City's water system to a higher elevation. The charge so determined is in addition to the quantity rate discussed in (c) above. The pumping lift charge shall be set by Council action.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)