Sec. 10-2.606. Where devices are required.
   Backflow devices are required at or near the point of service from the public potable water system to any location:
   (a)   Having an auxiliary supply, including a groundwater well;
   (b)   Where chemicals are manufactured or processed or are used within the premises that could be potentially harmful;
   (c)   Where hospitals or doctors' offices, either for humans or animals, with medical and surgical facilities are maintained;
   (d)   Where oils and gasses are produced or developed;
   (e)   Where there is a mortuary;
   (f)   Where there is food processing;
   (g)   Where there is a landscape irrigation system;
   (h)   Where natural and synthetic rubber, rubber goods and tires are manufactured;
   (i)   Where a brewery is operated;
   (j)   Where the use within the building might impart an objectionable taste, odor or color;
   (k)   Where there is a wastewater treatment facility or pumping station;
   (l)   Where there is need for a backflow prevention device for protection of the public potable system.
   Backflow prevention devices fall into the following categories: Reduced pressure principle device (RP), double check detector valve, air gap, pressure vacuum breaker, and atmospheric vacuum breaker. The specific device required for a particular location shall be per the Water Design and Construction Standards or as required by the Cross Connection Control Officer.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)