Sec. 10-2.512. Water shortages.
   (a)   If the Public Works Director determines that over consumption of water, loss of pressure in a system, breakdown, or any similar occurrence requires emergency restrictions upon the use of water from any system, he shall order such restrictions, and then shall obtain authorization from the Council at its first meeting following such restriction order.
   (b)   Such order may restrict the use of water for irrigation, sprinkling, manufacturing or nonessential uses. The use of water for particular purposes may be limited to specified days or hours of a day or altogether prohibited, except that the use of water for drinking, cooking and sanitary purposes shall not be prohibited.
   (c)   Any such order shall be communicated by the Public Works Department either in writing or orally to customers served by the affected system. The water supply to any premises upon which the use of water is being made in violation of an order of the Public Works Director may be summarily shut off.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)