Sec. 10-2.510. Conditions affecting the purity and potability of water.
   If or when the City ascertains that a condition affecting the purity and potability of the water supply of the City exists in, on, or about any building, grounds or premises in violation of any health law, rule, and regulation of the State, or any health ordinance or the code of the County, or any law, or rule, or regulation of the City, the City shall;
   (a)   Immediately notify the person owning and/or controlling such building, grounds or premises of the existence of such condition; and
   (b)   Require such person to comply within a reasonable time (as stated in such notice) with any such law, ordinance, code, rule or regulation.
   (c)   Depending upon the nature and severity of the problem, the City may require that service be discontinued immediately and that it not be restored until acceptable compliance is demonstrated by the customer.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)