Sec. 10-2.509. Customer piping responsibilities.
   (a)   All piping and appurtenances installed by the customer on his premises shall remain the property of the customer and the maintenance and care thereof his sole responsibility. The City's control and responsibility shall end at the customer's side of the meter. The City shall in no case be liable for damages caused by, or in any way arising out of, the running or escape of water from open faucets, burst pipes, or faulty fixtures on the premises.
   (b)   Every service connection shall be equipped with a control valve on the inlet side of the meter (City side) which valve may not be used by the customer when it becomes necessary to shut off the water supply to the entire premises. Standards normally require a customer hand valve within the meter box which is on the customer side of the meter and can be shut off by the customer. Upon request, for emergency purposes, the City may, without charge, shut off its control valve with the understanding that the City or other authorized person will turn on the water after repairs have been made.
   (c)   The customer shall be responsible for the cost of repairing and/or changing any meter damaged by hot water or steam emanating from or about the premises.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)