Sec. 10-2.504. Water pressure.
   The City shall not be responsible for maintenance of water pressure at all times nor maintenance of water pressure for customers located at high elevations beyond normal City water pressure. The customer shall be responsible for the following:
   (a)   Operation and maintenance for any on-site pumping booster equipment where such equipment is on the customer's side of the meter and is intended to boost the water pressure;
   (b)   The setting and maintenance of the pressure regulator that is normally installed by the contractor in the areas of high pressure to protect house/building plumbing. In general, such a device shall be installed wherever the service pressure exceeds eighty (80) pounds per square inch (psi);
   (c)   Designing landscape irrigation and building plumbing systems for reasonable expected pressures after consideration of the City's master plans for water systems. Unless specific information is known to the contrary, those customer systems should be designed to operate properly at a minimum of forty-five (45) psi.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)