Sec. 10-2.306. Temporary service connections.
   (a)   At the discretion of the Public Works Department, a temporary service connection can be provided where (1) such service is outside the City's service area or (2) some features of the connection are substandard pending other improvements, and (3) a standard service connection is not available or desired. Such connections, if granted, shall be disconnected and terminated within one year after their installation unless an extension of time is granted by the City after written application by the customer.
   (b)   The charge and associated fees for the installation of a temporary service connection shall be the same as for a regular service connection.
   (c)   Where the construction of a temporary service connection conforms to the standard requirements of a permanent service connection installation, the temporary connection may be designated as a permanent service connection at any time provided all the charges for the permanent service are paid and other Public Works Department requirements are satisfied.
   (d)   When temporary service connections are disconnected, the full cost to the City for such disconnection shall be paid by the customer.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)