Sec. 10-2.303.  Unmetered water.
   This is the class of service furnished to a property after the water system has been installed and is available for use including water to individual lots, houses or buildings but before the customer has signed an application for metered service at which time the regular service charges apply. Unmetered charges shall be assessed after the water system is operational and has been accepted by the City Council. Unmetered charges may be assessed whether or not there is a dwelling unit or building on a particular lot/property unless waived or delayed in writing by the Public Works Director. Once started for tract projects, the responsibility for payment of unmetered charges shall be that of the developer until the application for service is received and approved unless the responsibility for payment has been transferred to a successor of interest as in the case of custom lot developments and the successor in interest has acknowledged his responsibility.
   Once significant water use occurs, either within the house or building or on irrigated land or slopes, a meter application shall be made since the unmetered charge is not intended for those uses.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)