Sec. 10-2.103. City responsibility.
   The City shall exercise reasonable diligence and care to:
   (a)   Endeavor to furnish at all times a safe and potable supply of water for domestic services:
   (b)   Endeavor to maintain adequate service pressures as further defined in the City's Water Design and Construction Standards to those properties located within the water system. In the event that any customer or the City deems that the pressure is inadequate, then the customer shall furnish and maintain at his expense whatever devices are necessary to boost the pressure for his premises. In the event water pressures are deemed to be excessive by either the customer or the City, then the customer shall furnish and maintain at his own expense such devices as may be required to protect his plumbing and/or to reduce the pressures:
   (c)   Endeavor to provide adequate flow to its customers from fire hydrants for fire protection within the City service area:
   (d)   Construct, maintain and operate the City's system of reservoirs, pumping stations, and transmission and distribution pipelines with the City's responsibility extending to the water meter. All items between the water meter and the premises being served shall be the responsibility of the customer/ owner.
(Ord. 1516-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)