Sec. 10-1.404. Public wastewater connections: Conditions requiring.
   (a)   All tract, land division, residential, commercial, industrial and public building projects shall connect to the public wastewater system unless an exemption is specifically granted by the Public Works Director. Exceptions for certain condominiums are cited in Section 10-1.303.
   (b)   Single-family residences or those buildings previously not connected nor granted a deferral to connect to the public wastewater system shall be required to connect if any one of the following applies:
   (1)   If any part of the parcel of property is within three hundred (300') feet from an accessible wastewater line, all buildings on the parcel shall be required to connect and any existing onsite private septic system shall be abandoned;
   (2)   Within sixty (60) days after the City Council or the Public Health Department or Public Health Officer declares a private disposal facility to be a public nuisance. Included in this requirement shall be any cesspool or septic tank which requires pumping in excess of three (3) times in any twelve (12) month period or which has rising or overflowing wastewater which could cause contamination in the groundwater or on the surface. The private disposal facility shall then be removed or rendered inoperative and nuisance-free in accordance with the requirements of the Ventura County Environmental Health Department, the Plumbing Code, City of Thousand Oaks Community Development Department and/or any other applicable law;
   (3)   Upon the sale or transfer of the property. Exceptions to rule (1) above may be granted by the Public Works Director or the City Council under special circumstances with such waivers being subject to (2) and (3) as well as any other conditions deemed necessary. As a condition for granting an exception for connection of a property or building to the public wastewater system, the Public Works Department will require the applicant to sign an agreement or other similar document specifying a future date and/or conditions for connecting to the system. Such agreement or document shall be recorded upon the property title at the Office of the Ventura County Recorder to provide proactive title notification of this obligation to future purchasers of the property.
(Ord. 1515-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)