Sec. 10-1.303. Condominium Service.
   (a)   It is anticipated all newly-constructed residential condominium complexes shall provide individual wastewater laterals to the public wastewater system unless otherwise directed by the Public Works Director.
   (b)   Non Residential and existing residential condominium conversions shall conform to the following provisions:
   (1)   This is the class of service furnished to properties where a one-lot condominium map has been recorded over the subject property. All of the land area within the boundary of the map shall be considered to be the parent property. Each parent property shall be provided with a single wastewater lateral connection to the public wastewater system; however, where, due to topographic constraints, more than one lateral is determined advisable or necessary by the Public Works Department, more laterals may be approved.
   (2)   There may be one or more buildings situated on the parent property. Where multiple buildings exist or are proposed, at the discretion of the Public Works Department, the wastewater mains connecting laterals to each building may be (1) privately owned and maintained by the Property Owners Association (POA), or (2) may be constructed to City standards and dedicated to the City for maintenance purposes. The POA or property management firm acting on behalf of the POA, encompassing a single building or a group of buildings on the "parent property" shall be billed for monthly wastewater service charges of all users within the "parent property". Each individual ownership shall be a member of the POA.
   (3)   Where a building, or separate condominium within a building, is either subdivided or constructed, and that building or separate condominium generates wastewater which would be classified as industrial strength waste (§ 10-1.602), said building or condominium unit shall provide a sampling well outside the building which is readily accessible to City staff for purposes of monitoring and sampling the contents and strengths of the wastewater being discharged to the City's wastewater system, all pursuant to Section 10-1.605 of the City of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code.
   (4)   The POA shall enter into a binding agreement with the City, said agreement being in the form as determined by the City, in which the POA agrees to: (1) pay all connection fees and ongoing monthly wastewater service charges; (2) maintain onsite wastewater mains in good working condition; (3) not discharge substances into the wastewater system in violation of the City's industrial waste ordinance; and (4) to pay any penalties or fines imposed by the City or other governmental agencies for any illegal discharge.
   (5)   Each individual property's owner shall be a member of the POA.
(Ord. 1515-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)