Sec. 9-10.405.  Assignment of specific use to nonresidential use categories.
   (a)   Listed Uses.
   (1)   The City Council shall adopt by resolution a standardized list showing the assignment of specific uses to each Nonresidential Use Category.
   (2)   In the case of land uses not designated in said City Council resolution, the Community Development Director shall determine the appropriate Nonresidential Use Category from those set forth in Sec. 9-10.404 above, based on the characteristics of each use.
   (b)   Multiple Uses in a Project. When a nonresidential development includes uses that are classified in different categories (e.g., a project with some retail commercial space and some office space), then the total gross floor area of the project shall be allocated among each applicable Nonresidential Use Categories for purposes of determining the fee.
(§ 1, Ord. 1506-NS,  eff. October 9, 2008)