Sec. 9-4.3500.  Purpose (PR).
   The City of Thousand Oaks is bounded by significant and prominent natural land forms and dotted with prominent knolls including, but not limited to, the Santa Monica Mountains, the Conejo Mountain, the Mt. Clef Ridge, and the Conejo Ridge.  The visitors to and residents of the City and benefitted by the preservation of these scenic vistas and their natural features.  The preservation of these natural views and open space areas by the overlay zone described in this article will enhance the public health, safety, and welfare of such visitors and residents by promoting a rural sense of openness, protecting natural and visual assets of the community, preserving areas of native vegetation and wildlife, preventing soil erosion resulting from grading in such steep areas, promoting a less urban feeling and maintaining the identity of this community.  The ridgeline preservation overlay zone and regulations of this article are also enacted to implement those policies of the City’s General Plan for the preservation of significant natural land forms, the maintenance and preservation of open space, and the protection of the scenic backdrop to the City’s major roadways.
(§ 1, Ord. 1099-Ns, eff. April 25, 1991)