Sec. 9-4.1605.  Development permits; Conditions and limitations (M-1).
   Unless otherwise stated in the development permit, such permit shall be subject to all the following conditions and limitations:
   (a)   Buildings and other structures shall not occupy more than fifty (50%) percent of the area for which the development permit is issued.  The remaining area shall be used for open area, automobile parking, and circulation.  The portion used for automobile parking and circulation shall be completely improved, surfaced, and marked for such purpose.
   (b)   Whenever the parking and circulation area abuts property in an R zone, there shall be erected along the property line abutting the R Zone a solid fence or wall six (6’) feet in height, or an evergreen hedge shall be planted and maintained at a height of six (6’) feet.
   (c)   Structure heights within the M-1 zone shall be as set forth in Section 9-4.2501 of Article 25 of this chapter.
   (d)   No structure shall be located less than one hundred (100’) feet from the center line of any public road, street, or highway or less than within ten (10’) feet of any boundary line of abutting R Zone property, except when the structure height exceeds twenty-five (25’) feet, it shall be located not less than twenty (20’) feet from any such boundary line.
   (e)   Ingress and egress roads leading onto a limited access highway shall be located at intervals not less than six hundred (600’) feet apart. Ingress and egress roads leading onto any other public road, street, or highway shall be located at intervals not less than three hundred (300’) feet apart, except when such road, street, or highway is designed as a service road for any adjacent industrial area, the ingress and egress roads shall be located at intervals not less than one hundred (100’) feet apart.
   (f)   Frontage or interior service roads shall be provided to serve such M-1 area.
   (g)   The open storage of materials and equipment shall be permitted only when incidental to the permitted use provided such storage area shall be approved and shown on the plot plan.
   (h)   A concrete block wall two and one-half (2-1/2’) feet high shall be constructed or a planting strip one and one-half (1-1/2’) feet wide shall be provided along the property lines adjacent to streets whenever the property across such streets is zoned for either residential or commercial use, except within the approved exit and entrance ways.  Within the planting strip such planting shall be maintained at a height not to exceed two and one-half (2-1/2’) feet.
   (i)   Trees, as approved by the Landscape Supervisor, shall be planted in the parkway area between the curbs and sidewalks.
   (j)   Water supply shall be as required by Resolution No. 3333, approved by the County Planning Commission on August 14, 1961, as “Water Supply Requirements for Subdivisions, Planned Developments, and Trailer Parks,” which resolution is on file with the County Department of Public Works.
   (k)   Every lot created on or after September 5, 1969, shall have a minimum street frontage of one hundred (100’) feet and a minimum lot area of twenty thousand (20,000) square feet; provided, however, any lot having frontage on a limited or controlled access highway shall have a minimum street frontage of six hundred (600’) feet, unless:
   (1)   All access rights to such limited or controlled access highway have been dedicated to, and accepted by, the City subject to such drive ways or common driveways as permitted in such acceptance of access rights dedication; or
   (2)   A special use permit for an automobile service station, including access thereto, has been approved by the City.
   (l)   Every lot created on or after September 5, 1969, shall have a depth at least equal to the required street frontage of such lot (except the required frontage along limited or controlled access highways) and a depth not more than three (3) times the amount of the actual street frontage of such lot.
(§ 8131.5, T.O.O.C., as amended by § 9, Ord. 126, and § 4, Ord. 105-NS, eff. September 5, 1969, as renumbered by § XIV, Ord. 173-NS, eff. November 5, 1970, as amended by § I, Ord. 527-NS, eff. May 8, 1975)