Sec. 9-4.1303.  Development permits: Conditions and limitations (C-2).
   Unless otherwise stated in the development permit, such permit shall be subject to all the following conditions and limitations:
   (a)   All public entrances to stores, shops, and business shall be from the principal street upon which the property abuts or within one hundred (100’) feet thereof, except that a side or rear entrance may be provided from the building to a public parking area.
   (b)   All exterior walls of every building, which walls face a street or face property classified in any R Zone, shall be designed, treated, and finished uniformly with, and similar to, other exterior surfaces of such buildings they face.
   (c)   Every lot created on or after September 5, 1969, shall have a minimum street frontage of seventy (70’) feet.
   (d)   Every lot created on or after September 5, 1969, shall have a depth of at least equal to the required frontage of such lot and a depth not more than three (3) times the actual amount of the street frontage of such lot.
   (e)   Structural heights within the C-2 Zone shall be as set forth in Section 9-4.2501 of Article 25 of this chapter.
   (f)   Every lot shall have a front yard of not less than twenty (20') feet, except for the C2/AM zone, where the front yard shall be not less than fourteen (14') feet, which area shall not be used for parking and shall be landscaped. The regulations of this subsection for the C2/AM zone shall supersede conflicting conditions of any entitlement granted prior to the effective date of the ordinance adopting this sub-section, where said conditions require a greater setback than provided by this section.
(§ 8129.2, T.O.O.C., as amended by § 2, Ord. 105-NS, eff. September 5, 1969, § VII, Ord. 173-NS, eff. November 5, 1970, § I, Ord. 236-NS, eff. November 4, 1971, § VII, Ord. 495-NS, eff. October 10, 1974, § III, Ord. 636-NS, eff. July 14, 1977 and § 2, Ord. 1551-NS, eff. February 10, 2011)