Sec. 9-3.504.  Information to be provided on tentative maps: General.
   Each tentative map submitted to the Community Development Department shall consist of one or more sheets of equal size.  The scale of the map shall be one (1") inch equals one hundred (100’) feet, if the sheets of the map do not exceed forty-two (42") inches along any side; otherwise the scale shall be one (1") inch equals two hundred (200’) feet.  The Community Development Director may approve the use of any scale not specified in this section.  The map shall contain the following information in addition to any requirements of the City departments which review the map:
   (a)   A vicinity or area map at a scale of one inch equals five hundred (500’) feet showing the major existing circulation pattern, all proposed major streets, existing major watercourses, existing County Flood Control District channels, and school, park, and open space areas existing or proposed within one-half (1/2) mile or any other appropriate greater distance when necessary to depict such features which relate significantly to the subdivision;
   (b)   In or near the lower right-hand corner of the first sheet;
   (1)   The tract number or land division number;
   (2)   The name and address of the subdivider;
   (3)   The name and address of the owners;
   (4)   The north point and scale of the map;
   (5)   The name and address of the person preparing the map;
   (6)   The date the map was prepared;
   (7)   The total number of lots;
   (8)   The area of the subdivision, both as to the total area and the area excluding all property to be dedicated for exclusive public uses;
   (9)   The minimum, maximum, and average lot size; and
   (10)    The average natural slopes, if greater than ten (10%) percent;
   (c)   All boundary lines of the subdivision with approximate bearings and distances; and
   (d)   The location and dimensions (including the area of lots or parcels larger than one acre) of each lot or parcel and its relation to surrounding surveys.  The location of any remainder of the original parcel shall be shown by reference to the existing record boundaries of such remainder.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)