A.   Office Created; Appointment And Number: There is hereby created the Office of Lieutenant of Police. There may be two (2) Lieutenants of Police to be appointed by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners. (Ord. 2852, 6-1-1998)
   B.   Qualifications: No policeman will be eligible for Lieutenant until he or she has served a minimum of three (3) years with the Taylorville Police Department.
   C.   Shifts: There shall be no more than one Lieutenant of Police assigned to each work shift and the Lieutenants shall be in charge of their shifts and all members of the department serving under them. (Ord. 2456, 3-2-1992)
   D.   Salary: The salary for each such Lieutenant of Police shall be as established by the City Council from time to time. (Ord. 2786, 4-7-1997)