(A)   Except as provided in § 93.02, the consumer fireworks described in § 93.01(B) may be offered for sale, sold at retail, or kept with the intent to sell, only if the requirements of this section are met.
   (B)   Any person or business intending to sell consumer fireworks shall register annually with the State Fire Marshal in accordance with KRS 227.715, and display its registration certificate in a conspicuous location at the site.
   (C)   Each site at which fireworks are offered for sale shall comply with all applicable provisions of the International Building Code, with Kentucky Amendments (adopted edition), and NFPA 1124 (National Fire Protection Association) – Code for the Manufacture, Transportation, Storage, and Retail Sales of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (adopted edition);
   (D)   No person or business shall give, offer for sale, or sell any consumer fireworks listed in § 93.01(B) to any person under 18 years of age.
(KRS 227.715 (6) - (8)) Penalty, see § 93.99