(a)    Every portion of the massage establishment not exempted by Section 749.03 above, including appliances and apparatus, shall be kept clean and operated in a sanitary condition.
   (b)    Price rates for all services for non-exempt massage establishments shall be prominently posted in the reception area in a location available to all prospective patrons.
   (c)    All employees, including masseurs and masseuses, shall be clean and shall wear clean, nontransparent outer garments, covering the sexual and genital areas. A separate dressing room for each sex must be available on the premises with individual lockers for each employee. Doors to such dressing rooms shall open inward and shall be self-closing.
   (d)    All massage establishments shall be provided with clean, laundered sheets and towels in sufficient quantity and shall be laundered after each use thereof and stored in a sanitary manner.
   (e)    No massage establishment not exempted by Section 749.03 above, granted a license under the provisions of this chapter shall place, publish or distribute or cause to be placed, published or distributed, any advertisement, picture or statement which is known, or through the exercise of reasonable care should be known, to be false, deceptive or misleading in order to induce any person to purchase or utilize any professional massage service.
(Ord. 53-1998. Passed 7-9-98.)