This chapter shall not apply to the following individuals while engaging in the personal performance of the duties of their respective professions:
   (a)    Physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, osteopaths or physical therapists, or other persons who are duly licensed in the practice of medicine or limited practice of medicine in their respective professions in the State, as defined in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4731.
   (b)    Nurses who are registered under the laws of the State.
   (c)    Barbers, manicurists, and beauticians who are duly licensed under the laws of the State, except that this exemption shall apply solely to the massaging of the neck, face, scalp, hair, hands and feet as otherwise provided by the Ohio Revised Code of the customer or client for cosmetic or beautifying purposes.
      (Ord. 53-1998. Passed 7-9-98.)