It shall be unlawful for any person to store or keep outside storage of any materials which may be classified as junk adjacent to or in close proximity to any school, church, public park, public grounds, business building or residence within the city. All outside storage must be contained in an enclosed structure, consistent with the city's zoning and code requirements, which protects the contents from the elements and conceals the contents from public view.
"Junk" means any castoff, damaged, discarded, junked, obsolete, salvage, scrapped, unusable, worn out or wrecked object, thing or material composed in whole or in part of asphalt, brick, carbon, cement, plastic or other synthetic substance, fiber, glass, metal, paper, plaster, plaster of Paris, rubber, terra cotta, wool, cotton, cloth, canvas, organic matter or other substance, having no substantial market value or requiring reconditioning in order to be used for its original purpose. (Ord. 759-08, 2-5-2008)