(A)   It is unlawful for any person to violate any provision or to fail to comply with any of the requirements of this code. A violation of any of the provisions or failing to comply with any of the mandatory requirements of this code shall constitute an infraction, except for those sections specifically deemed to be a misdemeanor.
   (B)   Any person convicted of an infraction under the provisions of this code, unless provision is otherwise herein made, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).
   (C)   Each person shall be charged with a separate offense for each and every day during any portion of which any violation of any provision of this code is committed, continued or permitted by such person and shall, upon conviction, be punished accordingly. In addition to the penalties provided in subsection (B) of this section, any condition caused or permitted to exist in violation of any of the provisions of this code shall be deemed a public nuisance and may be, by this city, summarily abated as such, and each day such condition continues shall be regarded as a new and separate offense. (Ord. 694-02, 8-20-2002)



1. See also chapter 3 of this title.