When the owner of property fails to maintain that property pursuant to Section 2-1-7 of this Chapter and a dangerous condition, hazard or impediment to progress or vision of the traveling public on a street or public place is found to exist, the street superintendent shall provide notice of such hazard to the owner or occupant of the premises and request the abatement of said condition. The notice shall be given either by personal service or registered mail and the owner or occupant shall have ten (10) days to abate the condition complained of subsequent to the service or mailing of the notice.
If any person neglects, refuses to comply with the directive in said notice, the street superintendent is hereby authorized and directed to remove the cause of the hazardous and/or dangerous condition or the impediment to the progress or vision of anyone traveling on any street or public place, and the costs thereof shall be a valid charge against the person and the property and may be added to the current tax bill as a lien against the property. (Ord. 616, 6-21-1994)