(A)   Agricultural Uses: All uses permitted or conditionally permitted in chapter 7 (agriculture zone district), as set forth in the zoning ordinance adopted in title VI of this code.
   (B)   Compatible Uses: All uses similar to and no more objectionable than the uses identified in subsection (A) of this section as approved by the city council.
   (C)   Additional Uses: Uses permitted in specific preserves as approved by the city council.
      1.   The conservation, development, and use of water resources located within the lands covered by lands under a specific preserve, and exploration conducted by scientific means on the lands located within a specific preserve for the purpose of determining the existence, location, and extent of any commercial mineral deposits.
      2.   Uses related to or incidental to the construction, operation, and maintenance of public or private transmission or conveyance facilities.
      3.   Uses related to or incidental to the establishment, maintenance, and repair of routes for ingress and egress over and through the lands included within a specific preserve.
      4.   Any use required to be permitted by any amendment to the California land conservation act of 1965, or the farmland security zone of 1998, which may be hereafter adopted.
      5.   Commercial fish farms and fishponds and accessory buildings. (Ord. 769-08, 10-7-2008)