§ 111.13 REVOCATION.
   (A)   The Town Manager may at any time, after a hearing, revoke and render null and void any taxicab permit issued by authority of this chapter for any one, or more, of the following causes:
      (1)   Failure by the applicant to begin operations within 120 days after the issuance of the permit;
      (2)   Failure to operate the taxicabs specified in the certificate in a manner as to serve the public adequately and efficiently;
      (3)   Failure to maintain motor equipment in good repair;
      (4)   Failure to carry liability insurance or bond as required by law;
      (5)   Failure to pay any lawfully imposed taxes or license fees;
      (6)   Repeated and persistent violation by the taxicab drivers of traffic and safety ordinances, or violation of state laws relating to alcoholic beverages or prostitution;
      (7)   Failure to report accidents;
      (8)   Willful failure to comply with provision of this chapter or other ordinances or state laws relating to the operation of taxicabs, whether such ordinances and laws be now in force or hereafter enacted;
      (9)   Any grounds for revocation of a certificate set out in G.S. § 160A-304 as it is presently written or may hereafter be amended; or
      (10)   Operation of a taxicab by any person who has not obtained a taxicab driver permit or by any person who is disqualified by this chapter from operating a taxicab with the actual or constructive knowledge of the holder of the permit.
   (B)   If a taxicab permit is revoked no refund of any amount paid by the applicant will be made by the town.
   (C)   The town shall give the holder of any taxicab permit being considered for revocation notice and an opportunity to be heard at a hearing. The notice shall consist of either personal service or a written notice of the time, place, and purpose of the hearing or the mailing by registered, certified, or first class mail of such a notice to the holder of the permit at the address stated by the holder in his or her application for a certificate. If notice is by personal service, or registered or certified mail, the hearing may not be held until at least five days after such service as indicated on the return receipt of the United States Postal Service. If notice is by first class mail, the hearing may not be held until at least eight days after the mailing of such notice as certified by the town official or employee who mailed the notice. If the Town Manager finds that grounds for revocation of the certificate exist, then he or she shall either revoke the certificate or may, in his or her discretion, impose a revocation but suspend the revocation upon such conditions as he or she believes will ensure compliance of the holder with all applicable laws and regulations.
(Ord. 2011-018, passed 6-21-11)