Every vehicle used for transportation of passengers under a taxicab permit issued by the town shall meet the following requirements at all times and shall be subject to inspection by the Police Department at all times to determine compliance with the taxicab regulations.
   (A)   The vehicle must comply at all times with the safety inspection requirements of the State of North Carolina and all interior safety equipment, including seat belts, must be functioning properly.
   (B)   The taxicab must be maintained in good condition, relatively free of interior or exterior damage or deterioration, must be kept clean and sanitary, and must be kept in good operating order.
   (C)   Each taxicab shall be equipped with a functioning heater and air conditioner.
   (D)   Each taxicab shall display current and correct information identifying the name of the taxicab company.
(Ord. 2011-018, passed 6-21-11) Penalty, see § 111.99