In determining a permit should be issued for taxicab or taxicabs, the Town Manager may take into consideration, among other things, the following factors:
   (A)   Whether or not the public convenience and necessity require the proposed or additional taxicab service within the town;
   (B)   The experience of the applicant in the taxicab business;
   (C)   The financial responsibility of the applicant and the likelihood of the proposed service being permanent, responsible, and satisfactory;
   (D)   The number of taxicabs to be operated and the condition of such taxicabs and all appurtenances;
   (E)   The number of taxicabs already permitted and the demand for increased service, if any, and whether or not the safe use of the streets by the public, both vehicular and pedestrian, will be preserved or enhanced, and whether or not adequate provision has been made for off-street parking of the cabs;
   (F)   The schedule of rates proposed to be charged; and
   (G)   Any other relevant information that may be deemed necessary by the Town Manager.
(Ord. 2011-018, passed 6-21-11)