§ 111.16 RATES.
   (A)   The rates that may be charged by the holder of a taxicab permit shall initially be those set forth in the application for the certificate, or approved by the Town Manager in the issuance of the permit (if different from the proposed).
   (B)   (1)   If a certificate holder desires a change in the rates that may be charged, the holder shall:
         (a)   Make application for such change to the Town Manager; and
         (b)   Provide written justification for the proposed change.
      (2)   If the Town Manager finds that there is adequate justification for the proposed change, the Manager shall approve or deny the change, with any conditions or terms deemed appropriate, and report the action to the Town Board. Rate schedule actions taken by the Town Manager may be made effective immediately, but shall remain provisional for 45 days, during which time the Town Manager’s decisions may be:
         (a)   Appealed by the permit holder to the Town Board; or
         (b)   Reviewed and adjusted by the Town Board at its own initiative.
   (C)   Fares shall apply on a per-trip basis. Any additional charges if multiple passengers consensually share a ride from one starting point to the same destination shall not be unreasonable. Additional charges may apply if the remaining passengers desire to hire the taxicab to an additional destination.
(Ord. 2011-018, passed 6-21-11)