Sec. 2-102. Parks and recreation commission.
   (a)   Creation. Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 160A-146, a parks and recreation commission for the town is hereby created for the purpose hereinafter set forth.
   (b)   Purpose. The purpose of the commission shall be to advise the town council and the parks and recreation director of the needs, strengths, and abilities of the town and its residents as they relate to parks and recreation, and to undertake such duties as may be conferred upon it by law or by the council.
   (c)   Composition; appointments; terms; attendance; compensation. 
      (1)   Composition; appointments. The parks and recreation commission shall be composed of five (5) regular members. The chairman and regular members shall be appointed at large and shall reside within the town and extraterritorial area.
      (2)   Terms. The terms of office of the regular members shall be two (2) years. Initial terms shall be staggered as follows: Members 1, 2, 3, and 4 — two (2) years; members 5, 6, and 7 — one (1) year. All terms shall expire in June of the last year of the term.
      (3)   Attendance. Faithful attendance at meetings of the commission is a prerequisite for continued membership. The town council may remove and replace any member who has unexcused absences from two (2) consecutive meetings or unexcused absences which constitute more than twenty-five (25) percent of the commission meetings in any calendar year. (Excused absences are defined as absences caused by events beyond one's control.)
      (4)   Subsequent appointments; compensation. All subsequent appointments shall be made by the town council. All members of the commission shall serve without compensation.
   (d)   Organization. The parks and recreation commission at its first meeting shall appoint such officers as may be deemed proper for the conduct of its business, and shall adopt rules and regulations to govern it procedures.
   (e)   Miscellaneous powers and duties. The commission may conduct such public hearings as may be required to gather information necessary for the drafting, establishment, maintenance and inquiry pursuant to purposes for which the commission has been established.
(Ord. No. 1993-13, §§ 1—5, 3-9-93)
Editor's note—Ord. No. 1993-13, adopted March 9, 1993, has been codified herein at the discretion of the editor as § 2-102 
Cross reference— Beaches, Ch. 4; skating in parks, § 12-4; play streets or parks, § 17-69; subdivision provisions regarding recreation areas, App. B, Art. IX, § 2.